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Harmonic is a company on a mission to provide great data to teams of all industries and technical backgrounds.

Harmonic's artificial intelligence (AI) tools can leverage previously untapped data sources to access data that no other platform can.

Harmonic's data comes from a variety of sources, both public and proprietary including websites, job postings, business filings, legal filings, press releases, media outlets, and more.

Harmonic's data is delivered in real time, without relying on caching, meaning that it's data is continuously updated for accuracy.

Harmonic's pricing varies depending on the product you're interested in using and the size of your team or business.

At Harmonic, we believe great data should be accessible to all companies. That's why we offer discounted rates to startups looking to supercharge their growth.

Harmonic works with teams of all types, no technical background required!

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